Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Freezing in a white Christmas mode...

I've now experienced my first Seattle snow fall and, thankfully, it hasn't been nearly as bad for me as for many of my co-workers. The office this morning looks like a ghost-town. So many people are unable to reach downtown Seattle that the building maintenance people didn't bother to turn the heat on.

That wouldn't be so bad except they turned it off last Wednesday to save some money and it was late yesterday afternoon before we started to notice any warmth. So, sitting here in my wool coat two days in a row is kind of unsettling. All those people who could not make it in to work at least get to work from home in a warm environment.

Nonetheless, my commute is about 10 minutes and I cannot complain about that. I hate long commutes. When I was younger I would spend anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes driving to work and sometimes as long or longer driving home. So saving a couple of hours of my day by living close to the office in downtown Seattle has also kept my feet dry.

I just wish it weren't so cold. The funny thing is, we rearranged the office recently and I offered to let my boss move my team upstairs. I'm sitting beside a window right now, which I think is considered a premium seat around here, but even with the blinds pulled down I'm being constantly blasted by the cold draw of the window. It's sucking all the heat out of the office.

Oh, wait. We don't have any heat. So I guess I have no reason to complain....


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