Monday, November 20, 2006

November 2006 Google Update

Oh yes. One more thing.

It appears that Google has unleashed another major update. People are already complaining loudly in all the usual corners.

It appears to me that Google is rebuilding its index (which is normal), but in the meantime a large number of Web sites are showing up as URLs without titles or descriptive text in various search results.

This process should go on for 3 weeks to 2 months. Most major sites should be reindexed quickly, and I believe new content will probably show up too. But a lot of mediocre Web sites will probably feel the pain.

There was a major SEO conference in Las Vegas, NV last weekend and based on what I've read on the Web I'm glad I wasn't there. I don't really enjoy conferences that offer nothing substantively new. The SEO conferences are stuck in the rehash zone.

And naturally I'm under a small but growing pressure at work to start taking my team (or some members of it) to SEO conferences next year. The problem is that I would have to debunk a lot of nonsense my staff would pick up from the shows. They don't realize just how outdated most of the advice given out in the SEO community tends to be.

Anyway, there's a Google update underway. Have fun with it.


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