Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wherever you go, there you are

I think Yogi Berra is credited with saying something like "Wherever you go, there you are". If not, he should have been. It sounds like something he would have said. Of course, some people say that Buckaroo Bonzai said it. Doesn't matter who said it, really, as I don't have time to write a short post, so this will be a long one (don't even get me started on who was supposed to have said that).

The Democratic Party apparently won control of the House of Representatives this election. Now Americans can sit back and enjoy two years of multi-million dollar investigations, pork-barrel spending, and more deadlock and gridlock than this country has seen in a decade. It's a shame the electorate won't get the message and just stop voting for all Democrats and Republicans. They're all crooked, they're all liars. Almost every person I have discussed politics with over the past year (all three of them -- no one else can stand the topic) agrees with me that people with real integrity simply don't run for office.

There's something seriously wrong with a system where the only viable candidates for office are guaranteed to be as smarmy as Ted Kennedy and Newt Gingrich. 'Nuff said about politics, I feel sick enough as it is.

In fact, the people at work are passing around some sort of bug or flu. I probably should have gotten a flu shot, but instead I'm wolfing down over-the-counter meds like there is no tomorrow. And tomorrow (as I write this) I have to move into my new apartment. I was going to take stuff over there tonight, but I just don't feel up to the task. So now I have to move everything in the morning. Oboy.

On the search engine optimization front, it appears that Google has broken just about every useful command in their query interface. For the past several weeks, I have been unable to get consistent results between their info: command and queries that look for unique text on indexed pages. It seems like one third of the time I can get pages to come up for info: but not the unique text query, or I can get them to come up for the unique text query but not info:.

What's up with that, Google?

Ask has now officially, formally been inducted into the Top Four Search Engines ahead of America Online (whose results are pulled from Google, so I have been ignoring them for years) by at least two independent ranking sources. I believe that if Ask continues its current trend, they'll capture about twice their present market share by the end of 2007. We'll see.

A few people have wondered where I went to, why I dropped off the search engine forum circuit. Well, I took a position as a director of search strategies for a company that is heavily involved in search engine placement activities. I'm no longer at liberty to share theories and experimental ideas with everyone else. I have to leave it at that.

The mainstream media continues to express more interest in search engine placement, and of course they are drawing upon the usual wrong sources of information. Nonetheless, Advertising Age surprised the heck out of me by compiling a fairly accurate and useful 27-page document about search engines. They even took a stab at listing the top 20 SEO firms (ranked by reported revenues). Well don, Ad Age. Well done.

On the Seattle front, I have not been flooded out, as downtown Seattle seems to be in no danger of receiving flood waters. At the very least, I think there are hills, mountains, and valleys between me and the floods washing away the rest of the state. I feel for the people who have had to contend with the rising waters. I wish them the best. I actually drove through some of those areas not so long ago.

And I cannot think of anything else to say. Which is not to say there isn't anything else to say. Rather, I'm just not feeling good. It has nothing to do with being in Seattle or all the rain. It's just "cold and flu" season.

Oh, yes. Since I'm moving into my new apartment, I'll be without personal Internet access until the middle of next week, give or take. I'll try to post something from work, but the long transition between Houston and Seattle is not yet finished.

Like our favorite California governor is so fond of saying, "I'll be back."


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