Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat: Kerry likes to bleat!

Now that I'm working for a tech firm in Seattle, I don't have to dress up and wear a tie to work. My good ties have been collecting dust, and I can't say I really miss them. It's nice to wear a tie once in a while but having to dress up every day gets old pretty quickly.

Well, we were told we could dress up for Halloween, and since I've never been much for dressing up in clown outfits or big furry suits, I decided to go to work as the scariest thing in Washington state: a Republican party partisan.

I wore my power blue suit.

I wore my power red tie.

I wore my warm wool coat (good thing, too, as it got down below freezing temperatures last night).

I looked good. And when I walked into the office, I went up to people, took their hands in both of mine in that politician "you're so trapped" two-hand grip, and said, Good morning! George Bush can do no wrong, and I know you'll vote Republican in next week's election!

I had people in stitches. But I never thought John Kerry would frighten Democrats more than me. The guy is about as brainless as any Presidential candidate who has ever stood in front of an audience. We were all mocking him at the office today, doing the Kerry Chop, practicing Kerry Fu.

But Kerry put the Fu into Fool by boasting that he would not apologize to anyone for making one of the most stupid sound bites since Dan Quayle spat out "The Human mind, what a terrible waste."

Kerry, you're a veteran. You served your country. Great. So did millions of other Americans. You're a war hero, too (I don't want to revisit old scandals). But you said something really, really stupid and if you think you're helping the Democratic Party by digging your feet in, you've got a sad, sorry lesson coming to you next week.

And if you seriously think you have a shot at winning the Presidency in 2008, I can tell you now I'll vote for Hilary Clinton in the Democratic Primary just to make sure you don't get a shot.

To all the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan: you know what American politics is like. Just sigh deeply and know we all want to bring you home, safe and whole. Somehow, we'll find a way. Hang in there.


Anonymous Claudia said...

Kerry did only botch a joke against the President, please don't fall for the Republican trap trying to take the focus off the bad things they do and did. I am still waiting for the umpteenth shoe to fall on the Valerie Plame outing.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Michael Martinez said...

Kerry is a poison pen politician, and that is about all the Republicans and Democrats know how or what to be any more.

They only serve their political parties and the best thing you and every other American can do is vote against all incumbents next week.

We need a break from their propaganda campaigns and manufactured scandals.

12:22 AM  

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