Saturday, October 14, 2006

Democrats continue to endanger American lives

As the fall election approaches, members of the Democratic Party increasingly demonstrate their irresponsible and careless behavior by calling for a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. These calls for withdrawal are heard in the militant world and are received as confirmations of the militant strategy for conquering Iraq.

The American people, through their elected Democrat and Republican representatives, authorized an invasion of Iraq which left us completely, morally, and legally responsible for the wellfare of the Iraqi people.

If the Democratic Party has its way, American voters will turn against the incumbent Republicans and throw them out of office. Now, while I would not be sad to see the Republican Party get its ears clipped, we don't need to replace one group of irresponsible politicians with another.

The Democratic Party's Iraq policy continues to encourage acts of terrorism throughout Iraq and, if they succeed in bringing our troops home prematurely, the Iraqi government will very likely have to confront a true civil war and not simply the levels of sectarian violence they suffer from today.

There are civil wars occurring in other parts of the world, or which have just shut down. We've seen troops marching through the streets of devastated cities, civilians fleeing en masse, and a total breakdown of government services in those other nations. Iraq has not yet come to that.

It's time the American people said to both political parties, "Stop lying to us for the sake of your political careers".

We're having to endure yet more Democratic nonsense over the Foley scandal. They're calling for investigations in the name of the American people. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I'm sick and tired of Washington spending millions of dollars on politically motivated investigations. They've been the call of the day since at least the Clinton administration.

It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican. You need to tell your party to stand down on the hateful mud-slinging political rhetoric. You can do that by refusing to donate money to the party and by finding alternative candidates to vote for. Our electoral process has created a system of elite professional liars and hate-mongers who put their own career goals ahead of the people they falsely claim to serve.

I didn't go to the polls in the last election to help liars and self-serving political hate-mongers further their careers; I went to the polls in the hope of finding people who would want to serve their country. I was immensely disappointed in the low moral quality of the candidates from both parties.

What does it take to get an honest representative into office who will put his or her constituents ahead of the party's agenda? Nancy Pelosi betrays her constituents' trust every day. And many of them just roll over and take it.

America, you're about to elect the Congress you deserve. If you think things are bad now, just wait. You'll make them worse by voting for the same political choices you've made before.

I'm all for getting out of Iraq, but not on the Democratic agenda, which will result in many more deaths and most likely will turn the attention of Islamic militants to an increasing number of targets outside of Iraq. It only takes one side to fight a terroristic war. We're committed to seeing this conflict through regardless of how war weary we become.

The Democratic and Republican parties should be held accountable for their flagrant disregard of their responsibilities to the American people. I'm fed up with their fabricated scandals and politically motivated investigations. They are just wasting our tax dollars in their endless political bickering.


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