Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why don't Democrats want to serve their country?

Everyone pretty much believes that the Republican Party has become corrupt. They have been in power so long they give the appearance of acting like they can get away with anything. Now, the reality is that the Republican Sentators and Members of the House of Representatives are very much aware of the general antipathy in the media. They know they are being closely scrutinized by both average American citizens and hostile Democratic partisans.

In reality, the Republican Party is acting like a drunk who has stumbled home at 4:00 AM and is trying to straighten up his clothes before the wife sees him.

The problem with this situation is that the Democratic Party is acting like the creepy prowling neighbor, hiding in the bushes outside the window just so they can catch the drunk as he tumbled over the doorstep. The Democratic Party's avowed poison pen campaign shows that they have no intention of serving the American people's best interests.

Now, politicians have been conducting poison pen campaigns in this country since the Federalist Papers were first being penned. Much as the American people say they hate mud-slinging, they'll often believe just about any lie said about a politician. Many of our political scandals in the past 50 years have started out as mud-slinging contests where someone lied about someone else and launched an investigation. The political investigations usually find that the original allegations were unfounded lies -- both the Democrats and the Republicans are equally guilty of lying about each other.

What these political parties have done in the past 10-20 years, however, is elevate organized mud-slinging to the level of professional intervention in media outlets. Both the Democrats and the Republicans orchestrate the news they want Americans to see and hear, and because of the political sympathies in many news rooms, generally one party or the other gets favorable treatment at large news organizations like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. We don't have a neutral media presence in this country and the political parties know it.

In the 2006 elections, however, the Republican Party is on the defensive. The Democrats are manufacturing Republican scandals faster than the Republicans can launch counter-attacks. And the Republican Party has to live with the fact that the Bush Administration really has screwed up the situation in Iraq.

But the Democratic Party is determined to make leaving Iraq a political issue. They are trying to throw away American lives (both already lost in combat and potentially to be lost in future terrorist actions) for the sole purpose of recovering control over the U.S. Congress.

And if the American electorate gives that control back to the Democrats, you'd better believe they'll use their majority to stonewall every Bush Administration policy they can. We can look forward to 2 years of gridlock, bickering, stupid childish ranting, and attempts to impeach another President. Impeachment has become the stick with which every American President can expect to be tormented. Both political parties have devolved into gangs of thugs who do nothing more than threaten and bully each other.

We're going to lose a great deal when the election is over. If the Republicans retain control of the Congress, they'll continue to rubber-stamp every Bush policy. If the Democrats gain control of the Congress, they'll hammer every Bush policy and use their political clout to dredge up more scandals against the Republicans.

The American taxpayer can expect to pay about $100 million for investigations, hearings, and scandal control over the next 2 years. The average independent counsel investigation now costs more than $40 million to conduct at the Federal level.

I'd have absolutely no problem with the Democrats taking back control of the Congress right now if they would just shut up and do their jobs. Their jobs don't include withdrawing our troops from Iraq before the Iraqi government can take care of itself. Their jobs don't consist of impeaching the President. Their jobs don't consist of grandstanding on CNN about how all the Republicans are evil and corrupt.

The Democrats are just as evil, anti-American, and corrupt as the Republicans. Since we're stuck with these two parties, the best thing we as voters can do is vote all the incumbents out of office. If, every election, we just get rid of the dead wood and put some new faces into Washington, I think the message would get across very quickly and easily: do your jobs, serve our interests, and put your stupid political parties' interests in the cellar where they belong.


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