Saturday, November 25, 2006

Menawhile, back in Seattle...

I need a chair. A nice, highback office chair. I had one in New Mexico that was perfect. But when I moved to Texas a few years ago I gave away all my furniture. I was tired of lugging it around and really didn't have any place to put it in Texas.

I eventually bought another chair in Texas that was okay, not great, but it served its purpose. Most people don't know what makes a chair good. I should say none of us do. You just know a chair is right for you after you've spent about six hours in it and you realize neither your back nor your neck are killing you.

I haven't had a chair like that in more than two years. It's time, I think, to go chair shopping.

I don't lack for furniture right now. I rented a whole suite load of furniture out of pure laziness. But I didn't get a desk and chair (hate leaving the choice up to someone else) so I'm presently sitting at the dining room table, propping a pillow behind my back in the hope my neck won't kill me.

It's not working very well.

I know what I want. I just don't know if I'll find it. But I suppose that not having the right chair makes me a bit ornery. My mood is not the best it has ever been, but I'm just getting over a nasty sinus infection and 11 days of taking Amoxycillin (I missed 3 doses at various times).

And then how will I get it home? My car isn't exactly built for carrying furniture around. I may have to befriend someone with a truck for just long enough to get them to go down to an Office Depot with me.

You know, when I sat down to write this post, I thought I would write something completely different. But my back hurts.

I think I'm done for the night.


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