Friday, January 05, 2007

Mizuo Peck

Mizuo Peck has shot up in the referrals for Xenite.Org's search engine traffic. I cannot help but feel pleased that she has struck a chord with so many people who have seen "Night at the Museum". I wish I could create such a popular page every week. Xenite.Org would have to set up mirrored servers in about a year!

I'd like to point out though that as much fun as a the movie is, I hope people -- especially teachers and parents -- use interest in the film and Mizuo Peck to remind kids (and grownups) of the real contribution Sacagawea made to American history.

When I created our Mizuo Peck page I made sure to include a little information and links about Sacagawea.

One of the links goes to the Lemhi-Shoshone page. If you visit no other Native American sites because of "Night at the Museum", you should absolutely visit this one. Not only is the official Web page of the people who gave birth to Sacagawea, it provides a lot of neat information about Sacagawea and her people today. They have commissioned a memorial in her memory, and Sacagawea's courage and resourcefulness are characteristic of the great American spirit that has carried this nation forward despite all of its flaws and sins.


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