Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And now for the second year...

Today marks the beginning of the second year of my semi-official blog. I can't really think of anything great to say, but I didn't want the anniversary to completely pass without saying something.

Over the past year, I've learned a great deal about what to say on the blog, what not to say, and what piques people's interest. Perhaps it is no coincidence that I tend to get more visitors when I share intimate details of my life -- the sort of things that I shouldn't say on a blog.

You people are evil.

Still, it's been a worthwhile experience overall, and I'm glad to see I haven't lost my audience yet. As 2007 unfolds, I hope I can keep sharing the kinds of neat thoughts and anecdotes that have entertained you folks.

If nothing else, I have a record of some things I've forgotten through the years but remembered long enough to write about. I'd link to them to show you what I mean but I can't remember any specific examples.


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