Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thank you, Ms. Dewey

Ms. Dewey sends this blog traffic. I have no idea of why. I use Google Analytics to track the statistics for this blog (as part of a year-long experiment) and as stat tools go I find it to be pretty limited. Nonetheless, Google Analytics says that Ms. Dewey is one of my leading referers.

Have no idea of why, but at least I know that other people are sitting around, laughing their heads off at the Web's sassiest search engine.

If you haven't given Ms. Dewey a try, and you have a multimedia-capable computer, do it. You'll love what you find. She is a marketing gimmick that Microsoft put out to help promote Live, but she's a much better interface than any of the search engines have so far.

Just don't ask her "Who is mickey mouse?" That still leaves her stumped and confounded, and it will eventually crash your PC.


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