Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, Mizuo Peck

Who is Mizuo Peck, you ask? She's the lovely young lady who plays Sacagawea in "Night at the Museum". While I'm not crazy about Ben Stiller, I liked this movie. It's a fun, light-hearted romp through history that gives some old-timers (Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney) a chance to come out and play. To be honest, I thought Mickey Rooney was dead. I'm glad to see he isn't.

The movie has been almost universally panned by critics, which just proves once again that it doesn't take much intelligence or character to be a film critic. While "Night at the Museum" probably won't make it into the "Classic Comedies of All Time" category, this is the best work from Stiller I've ever seen -- meaning, he didn't bore me to tears as he usually does.

The movie is fun because it's not really a Ben Stiller vehicle. It's a "let's poke fun at Hollywood cliches" vehicle, and it takes down quite a few cliches.

Still, what caught my eye (besides the lovely Carla Gugino) was the nice performance by relatively unknown actress Mizuo Peck. Her casting as the Native American Sacagawea museum replica was not well received among online Native Americans, who rightly feel there is plenty of Native American talent capable of performing well in the role. But Mizuo won the part and the film is done and I think she deserves a little recognition.

So I've created a feature article about Mizuo at Xenite.Org. As an added bonus, I included some content and links about Savagawea (but since there are people who can tell her story better than me, I decided to just recommend a few good sites, including the Lemhi-Shoshone Tribe's official Web site).

I hope that Mizuo Peck picks up more roles in films I'll want to see. Her career has sort of wandered across the map for now, but maybe this will be her breakout role. And, if it is, I think Xenite has the privilege of hosting the first "fan" site for Mizuo.

Welcome to the Xenite family, Ms. Peck, and Merry Christmas!


Blogger Bryan Thao Worra said...

Although it was unfortunate casting not to give the role of Sacagawea to a Native American actress, Mizuo's performance in Night At The Museum added greatly to the film and made it watchable, and I must concur that it will be nice to see her in more roles in the future. Thanks for setting up a page for her at Xenite.Org.

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