Saturday, January 06, 2007

Democrats launch new initiative to humiliate U.S.

Last July I pointed out how U.S. foreign policy implements a domino effect for Islamic fundamentalists. Now that the Democrats control Congress, they are wasting no time in proving they have absolutely no concern for the shame and defeat their policies are designed to bring upon the United States, not to mention the many hundreds or possibly thousands of additional lives lost their policies are about to cost us.

As U.S. Naval ships blockade Islamic militants in the fourth front of the war against Al Qaeda, our Democratic leaders are abusing their newly won majority in Congress to mislead the American people about what we have at stake. I certainly am no fan of President Bush's strategies, but "exit strategy" is a euphemism for "we have no will to win".

Al Qaeda will use a premature American exit to recruit yet more fundamentalist fighters to open up yet more fronts against the United States in their long-term strategic goal to bleed us dry.

We have forces fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia thanks in large part to the defeatist rhetoric the Democrats have used to encourage Al Qaeda and all militants who want to humiliate the United States.

When we had troops stationed in Mogadishu, President Clinton refused to give our troops the armored support they needed to achieve the capture of the Somali warlord they were sent to capture. When troops became pinned down, President Clinton again refused to commit sufficient forces to bring them out safely. And yet despite the losses we suffered, our troops achieved a significant military accomplishment over the Somali forces -- also despite the fact that the Somali militants were using their own women and children as human shields.

In the aftermath, President Clinton showed the world that a handful of militants can humiliate the United States and drive it out of any nation. That is what drives Al Qaeda's strategy today. Hundreds of Islamic Somali militants have indicated they will answer Al Qaeda's call and launch an Iraqi-style insurgency against the Somali government, the Ethiopian army, any African peacekeepers who are sent in by the United Nations, and undoubtedly the U.S. warships now patrolling the Somali coast.

And while we do not have troops stationed in Pakistan, the second front in the war against Al Qaeda, it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves embrolied in a fifth front. Al Qaeda is not merely seeking to open more fronts against the United States and its allies. It's also looking for a new home, a land were it can rebuild its headquarters and training facilities. Africa now looks like a more appealing neighborhood than Asia.

As long as the Democrats are willing to freely admit to the world that the United States has no will to defend itself against Al Qaeda, there will be an endless supply of volunteer and forced suicide bombers attacking the United States and other nations across the globe. The Democrats, like the Republicans, have offered absolutely no solutions for the problems that are the underlying causes of the support for Al Qaeda.

Instead of using their newfound political clout to engage in partisan politics and misrepresent the views and will of the American people, the Democrats need to take a long-term view and plan for a decisive, strategic victory against Al Qaeda, because Al Qaeda is most certainly taking that kind of long-term view against the United States. Let's see some initiatives come out of Washington for a change that address the realities of decades of Democrat and Republican abusive policies that have turned so many poor people around the world into prospective Al Qaeda martyrs.

Any "exit stratgy" that plays into Al Qaeda's hands is an admission of weakness, defeat, and confusion -- all of which will only strengthen Al Qaeda's support and improve their ability to deliver further attacks against the United States and countries that have been weakened by our lack of support and confidence.

How many more troops and civilians do we have to sacrifice before we get rid of the lying idiots who run Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) and elect some people who will truly put the interests of the American people ahead of partisan politics?


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