Monday, September 11, 2006

I have decided to offer a premium SEO service

Today I added a page to my SEO site introducing SEO TurboBoost. The SEO TurboBoost program reflects what I can really do for most Web sites. Anyone can go out and build links. Anyone can slap together a Web page.

What I do better than most people is figure out why sites get stuck in the search results. And I devise methodologies for those sites to rank better. I've been doing exactly this with my own sites for years, but I've also been helping other people get their sites to start moving up the search results.

I've found that charging a minimal fee for this kind of service doesn't really help. The less money people invest in a turboboosting campaign, the less effort they put into it. I can certainly do all the work, but that is a time-consuming process and it's not what I enjoy doing.

On the other hand, turboboosting Web sites doesn't usually take a long time. I can usually achieve spectacular results (if I may say so myself)in 2-3 months. There are SEOs who ask for a year to achieve results.

The SEO TurboBoost program runs on top of an average SEO campaign. That is, you have to lay the groundwork by creating optimized content and getting about 100 non-spammy links. You need SEO TurboBoost if you cannot rank with 100 non-spammy links. You don't need it if you are ranking well with those 100 links.

This is the Secret Michael Sauce, if you will. What I'm offering is the very best SEO service that I know how to provide. I don't flood you with keyword reports and optimizing strategy worksheets. You should be past that point when you turn to SEO TurboBoost. You should already know where the traffic is. You just need to jump ahead of the crowd.

I don't talk about how I achieve these kinds of results in SEO forums or on blogs. That's why the service is a premium service. You get access to my deepest secrets and my newest innovative techniques (some of which may still be more experimental than others).

People who think they need to just find one more Web directory, one more article archive, one more reciprocal link and all their problems will be solved just don't get it. Sometimes, you really do have to bring in a big gun to blow a whole in the massed ranks opposing you.

That's what I'm good at.


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