Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dancing the night away...

I decided to try going back into Gloria's advanced Salsa class for the first time since my surgery over the Memorial Day Weekend.

I like to died in there.

Last year a doctor told me your body loses its muscle tone after three days of inactivity. Imagine what it's like after three months of relative inactivity. I've got my work cut out for me.

Saw a lot of old friends in the class: Terri Alcala, Rosalia Vasquez, and several other folks. I actually didn't do badly for all that I nearly burned out (low blood sugar). I cut out about 10 minutes early because I didn't want people to see I was getting the shakes. Well, at least I know now what I can do at that level. I'm almost there but not quite.

Advanced Salsa dancing is strenuous for a number of reasons. A couple of doctors have told me that two hours of vigorous Latin dancing is equivalent to running a marathon. I believe them. You can dehydrate quickly and go through several bottles of water. You can also burn through your energy reserves quickly. It's not a good idea to eat a heavy meal before dancing, but a protein-rich meal is helpful. Does this sound like a tutorial for body-building? For any physical activity, you need to make sure your body can handle the demand on its system.

The move Gloria is teaching this month is pretty cool. The ladies are starting out with a fair nubmer of twists and turns, but they are going into a windmill maneuver I have never seen before. That is so, so cool to watch. I know they'll all want to dance it in the clubs in a couple of weeks. The timing is pretty critical. Sometimes you can draw out an advanced move by throwing in an extra basic until you get the timing down, but that isn't really feasible with this move. Timing is everything, and it takes me a while to get my timing back.

Gloria and I have discussed briefly whether I'll formally help out with the club nights again. I went to the Tropicana Nite Club Saturday because Gloria had sent out an invitation. Through a mixup (I think because of a large reservation they got) the Dance Passion table reservation was not properly booked (though I know that Lan talked to the club in advance). Anyway, we got the tables worked out and had 15-20 people show up. It was a great night, I think. I was a bit worse for the wear because several ladies wanted to dance and there weren't enough dancing guys to go around.

I'll be helping to register some of the classes again this week and over the weekend. I'm not sure yet of where I'll be helping out, but I'll probably be working with one or both Pre-Intermediate classes again. Mostly I'm there to help the guys work on their footwork. I don't dance as much as I used to, but it really depends on what the mix in the classes is and how I am feeling at the time.

In other news, I've also been launching my search engine optimization consulting practice. Among other things I've had to do is clean up some of the mess that Xenite.Org has become. People look at your work and judge how well you can do by what you are actually doing.

I've also had to out one of my better performing commercial search expressions. I took the top spot for a highly competitive expression this year and have to say that it doesn't produce a whole lot of traffic. And most of the inquiries, unfortunately, come from people who don't yet know where they are going with their online businesses. You need a clear goal in mind before I can help you.

And you need to give me your telephone number. Believe it or not, I've received inquiries from people who say they need help but they munge their email addresses and don't provide any contact information. Um, yeah, okay, maybe you need help, but I cannot do SEO by osmosis or telepathy.

And I have permission to write about Miss Cute Reluctant again. She was, earlier this year, the most popular topic on my blog. I yanked all the references to her out of concern for her privacy. After I did that, my blog traffic dropped by 40% and it's just now getting back to where it was when I stopped writing about her.

We've been talking and she has said a couple of times that I can write about her again. But I'm not sure what to say, at this point. I think people would enjoy reading about our adventures, but it would be incredibly difficult to maintain the level of privacy that I feel would be appropriate.

Well, suffice it to say that I'm occasionally spending time with someone I find to be extremely interesting. Maybe one day I can write a book about her or something. Just my luck, it will become a best-seller and she'll say, "Why didn't you write that book years ago?"

Hey, timing is everything.


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