Monday, September 11, 2006

My calendar is fulleth, this week...

Tonight I'll be helping (I think) with some Ballroom Dance Classes for Gloria Jones, give or take.

Tomorrow evening I'll be attending NetSquared in Houston, hosted by Ed Schipul, who seems like a pretty neat guy.

Wednesday, I'm not sure.

Thursday, I would normally be going to the Inklings Roundtable of Houston at the Hobbit Cafe, but this month I committed to helping Gloria with her Thursday night Salsa dance classes.

Friday -- well, Friday I'll be checking out a Salsa group at Azteca's Margarita Bar and Grill in Houston. They may or may not have great music, but they definitely have some of the best White Cheese dip in Texas. Some people say it's even better than Berry Hill's white cheese dip. I like them both.

And then I have to do other things, I'm sure....


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