Sunday, September 10, 2006

Damn the truth, full elections ahead!

With apologies to Admiral Farragut, I have to say I don't have much love for either Damnocrats nor Ratpublicans. Never really could stand either political party. All of the members of Congress seem willing to sacrifice the needs of the U.S. people and allies for the advancement of their parties' political ends.

The best solution to all the lies that the Democrats are throwing around at the Bush Administration over the war in Iraq is to vote every last member of Congress out of office this fall in favor any independent candidates who are on the ballots. (NOTE: Regrettably we can only cleanse 1/3 of the Senate, but the sooner we get those lying partisan propagandists out of office, the better.)

I realize there are millions of Americans who are blindly and stupidly tied to both the Democratic and Republican parties. We can't do anything about those poor saps, but the rest of us can take action and vote independent this Fall. The government won't collapse just because we vote all the liars out of office.

Do it.

I'm sick of their political agendas. It's time the U.S. Congress work for the American people. All political parties should be outlawed. We'd be far better off without them and their endless, stupid, childish bickering.


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