Friday, January 12, 2007

Mizuo Peck

On a much happier note, people are very, very interested in Mizuo Peck, the actress who plays the Sacagawea replica-come-to-life in "Night at the Museum".

Mizuo's name is currently the second most searched-for content on Xenite.Org (after Grace Park of Battlestar Galactica). I suspect that when our Mizuo Peck page achieves a more stable high ranking in Google's search results we'll see yet more traffic from her fans.

In the meantime, readers have been writing to share information about Mizuo's career and education and we have updated the page with the new information. The section on Sacagawea has also been moved to a more prominent position in the left hand margin. I hope that people who are curious about Mizuo also take the time to look at the Sacagawea information we have found and linked to.

Anyway, Mizuo, if you want to start a fan club, I think you'll find some interest out there. But let's get another movie or two under your belt. Keep up the good work!


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