Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Last Mimzy

I've been seeing a trailer lately that has caught my attention. It's promoting a movie called "The Last Mimzy" and many of you have probably already seen it by now. I saw it, I believe, when I watched "Night at the Museum" (which introduced me to Mizuo Peck). I saw the trailer again last weekend when I went to see "Children of Men" (which I find is a very disturbing movie -- Alberto Cuarzon has a gift for turning hopeful outcomes into dark clouds). And today I saw the trailer again when I went to see "Happily Never After".

I'm not sure I would recommend either "Children of Men" or "Happily Never After", but at least HNA made me laugh in a few places. It was just kind of a very bizarre twist on the old fairy tale land gone amok story. All that was missing was Lord Farquhar from "Shrek".

So, anyway, "The Last Mimzy" appears to be some sort of time travel tale. At least, that is what the trailer implies. Some sort of "magical" toys transform two children, and it turns out one of the toys is a stuffed rabbit called Mimzy. Whether it's a future-comes-to-the-past story or maybe another variation on the old "dead ghosts are crossing over into our world" story, I don't know. The official Web site seems a bit too media-heavy for my tastes.

But this is a movie I'll probably try to see.

And while I'm discussing movies, I might as well ask what is up with all the penguin movies? I enjoyed "Happy Feet" but now we're being prepped for "Surf's Up" and last year I think there were a couple of other penguin movies.

Okay, film industry, I think we've hit the saturation point. PIXAR dudes, I'd rather see a sequel to "The Incredibles" or maybe even "Cars" (but I prefer "The Incredibles" -- Violet could offer some interesting conflict and drama).


Blogger Bryan Thao Worra said...

I hear you on the penguins.

I moderately enjoyed March of the Penguins but deep down, I hate to admit it, I can't feel too sorry for a species who thinks procreating on a massive chunk of ice is an effective survival strategy.

But back on topic, naturally Hollywood has to follow up any successful film with a plethora of "me too" films. It's part of that contract for their souls. ;)

Who can forget the year of deep sea monsters, or Mars movies, or volcano and comet films?

But I for one am putting my foot down on CGI menageries from this point on, bored senseless by the sameness of it all.

Although Ratatouille may become my one exception in this regard.

Couldn't quite bring myself to check out Children of Men- something in the trailers just irked me about it.

The Last Mimzy does have my attention, but I'm going to try and catch Pan's Labyrinth first.

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