Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dinner and a movie would have been easier...

Some of my friends wanted to go dancing Saturday night, so I agreed to reserve a table at Plaza 59. I only asked for 6 chairs. Usually, if I ask for more than 6, no one shows up. If I ask for 4, we get 10-12 people. So I decided to go for 6 and see what happened. I lost count somewhere around 10.

The real problem is that almost no guys showed up. Now, the ladies in our group will dance with other men if asked to, but they generally like to dance with guys they know. Besides me, there were two other regulars from the group. One lady brought a couple of her friends, so technically there were four guys. At one point I counted 7 women at the table and I think there were a couple out dancing at that moment.

Needless to say, I barely had a chance to sit down all night. It's nice to be asked to dance every now and then, but the man is expected to do the asking, even when we're outnumbered and surrounded. They look at the men in the group with a demanding glare. If you hold your ground long enough, someone will cave in and ask you to dance with her. And then you have to hear cute remarks for the next few weeks about how a lady is not supposed to ask, the gentleman asks. Yes, I know, but sometimes I just want to catch my breath, listen to some music, chat with friends, or maybe, just maybe Miss "I shouldn't have to ask you" is dancing with the latest of a long string of guys who wait in line for the opportunity to ask her to dance.

For the record, I did ask to dance her twice Saturday night. That earned a special thank you.

Women can dance longer than men. I know that for a fact because, frankly, I lose interest after an hour or so. The girls will stay on the floor all night long, or nearly so. I like to just bask in the music, soak in the scene, and sometimes just watch the other people. Saturday, things reached a point where I had to just sit down and turn away from the people at my table. Mary's Band was playing and several of them were teasing me about how Mary is "my" girl (she probably doesn't see it that way).

What can I say? She's got the magic. But the band is well worth sitting out a few dances for. They played some of the songs I know in their first set but a couple of my favorites were left out. Such is life. Say, "La vee".

The only weird aspect of the night is that one of my friends was hinting around that she wanted to fix me up with a cute friend of hers. I danced with the girl a few times but tried to be just polite enough not to get myself into trouble. I'd met this girl once before and came away feeling as though I had made all the impression a soggy wet towel does.

Of course, technically, since I'm seeing someone, I'm not looking for anyone. So why is it that now I'm not looking, opportunities abound?

Say, "La vee".


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