Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And I thought my life had drama

I have lived out some hostile storms in front of thousands of (generally clueless) people, but never have I seen anything like this.

It appears a New York woman found or bought a lost cell phone (T-Mobile Sidekick) and gave it to her 16-year-old daughter, who is an unwed mother.

When the cell phone's owner paid for a new unit and downloaded her data from the T-Mobile network, she found out who had the phone. Evan Guttman, her friend, went on a 3-week crusade to get the phone back.

His amazing page tells the whole fascinating story in frequent updates. You cannot write fiction this riveting, folks.

I can feel for the server operators who lost their equipment. When New Zealand actor Kevin Smith died a few years ago, CNN featured our Kevin Smith Forum on their news broadcast. 15,000 people left messages of condolences and well wishes for his family and friends. Within a month, however, I crashed the server and lost everything.

I still feel sick about that.

Returning to the Sidekick story, the 16-year-old girl -- obviously not raised to respect the property of other people -- stupidly and foolishly defied thousands of angry sympathizers who demanded she return the stolen property.

Clearly, her mother failed to nail even a shred of common sense to the girl's hide, because the New York City Police finally took action (after being considerably humiliated in the news media) and arrested the girl, charging her with a 5th degree misdemeanor and recovering the stolen cell phone.

Ivanna, the phone's proper owner, got married last weekend and she was frantic to recover it because she had been trying to recover emails from the Russian government concerning the status of her sister's journey to the U.S. for the wedding (I'm really summarizing badly, here).

Stupidity is its own reward. That girl has to live with the shame of her selfishness for the rest of her life -- or at least until she grows up and learns to be a decent, civil human being. Shame her brother dishonored the Army. This is no time for soldiers to flaunt the law, but that's another rant....


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