Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Going to Washington

The state of Washington, that is. Spokane, on the northeast corner, more-or-less. I'll be the guest speaker at MERPCon, a small gathering of Tolkien afficionados and gamers.

You can read all about the convention at but it will be held the weekend of July 27 - 29, 2006. There is no registration fee but you have to send an RSVP to let them know you'll be attending.

What will I be doing at MERP Con II? Speaking.

Where will I be staying? That's a secret.

With whom will I be staying (assuming I'm staying with anyone)? That's a secret.

Will I be gaming? Don't know.

Will I be selling any books there? Nope. I don't lug books around to conferences and conventions. But if you buy a copy and bring it in, I'll be glad to autograph it for you. I may give away some autographed copies of Parma Endorion. Have to give that some thought.

Who should attend? Anyone with a love for Tolkien, gaming, or whatever who can get to Spokane the weekend of July 27-30.

Why MERP Con II if I'm not going to The Gathering of the Fellowship? Costs and timing, basically. I had to take so much time off work for my surgery, and my out-of-pocket medical expenses are high enough, that there was just no way I could go to Toronto. I really wish I could have made the trip.

I probably won't make it to Dragon*Con again this year. I would love to go but I have to get the medical bills taken care of. A generous sponsor is taking care of my expenses at MERP Con II (thank you).

In other Tolkien-related Michael Martinez news, there is still no blog on I may have to call Dixie to see what's up with that. On a weekend....


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