Thursday, July 13, 2006

SEOMoz knocked offline

It looks like so many people were trying to use SEOMoz's new Page Strength tool that they overwhelmed the server. That's my guess. I called their office and spoke briefly with Brandon, just to make sure they were aware the server was offline. They knew it was dead, so they were working on the issue.

Maybe someone tripped over a power cord at the Network Operating Center where the server is hosted. But I saw so many people blogging about the Page Strength tool over the past couple of days that I suspect the entire SEO industry simply tried to use the tool.

So now we're waiting for SEOMoz to come back online and give us the official spin on what caused them to spin out of control.

Page Strength is SEOMoz's new metric for gauging how effectively a Web page (URL) has been marketed. It's a much better measurement of success than Google's much manipulated PageRank and Alexa's much manipulated rankings. No metric will be perfect, and a number of people have already pointed out some things about Page Strength that they don't like. But it's a much better metric than the search marketing industry has had for a very long time.


Anonymous Aaron Pratt said...

dude, when are you going to get off of blogger and get a real domain? ;)

8:56 PM  
Blogger Michael Martinez said...

Blogger has advantages that none of my own domains can match. Besides, I don't have to worry about updating the software, although I run the risk of losing everything (as I understand has happened occasionally with other Bloggerites in the past).

10:15 PM  

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