Friday, May 19, 2006

The Evolution of Dance

I received a couple of emails from my brother and his wife the other day. Both had the subject line "Evolution of Dance". I thought, great! they've been infected by a virus. But yesterday my brother called me to just to say "Hi" and he asked if I had watched the video. Nope. I thought you had a virus and hit DELETE.

So, I undeleted the emails and clicked on the link to The Evolution of Dance. It's a great review of dance styles from the 1950s to the 2000s. Very funny. And guys: only a comedian can get away with wearing white socks and black shoes.

Don't really have time to discuss much else this morning. I doubt you'll be reading about Pedicure Girl in the future. I decided to drop by that nail salon I mentioned and got slathered with lotion. I said, "No lotion, please." The lady said, "Okay." And then she creamed my arms with lotion.

That's just not my thing. Won't be needing a manicure for a while....

I've been getting requests for private dance lessons. I don't teach privates. Don't really know enough to teach them, but the requests are flattering. Of course, the last 3 or 4 requests have gone something like this:

Excited girl at end of class comes up and says, "Do you teach privates?"

"Sorry. I have taught a few classes but I don't teach privates. You can ask Gloria to arrange some private lessons."

Look of disappointment on girl's face. "Oh, that's okay."

So, all right, maybe they have a little flirting in mind. Maybe it's just that they don't want to take privates from Gloria. I don't know.

Technically, if someone were to ask Gloria about taking privates with me, she might discuss it with me. I could teach some basic stuff for a while, I think, and I am under contract with Gloria. But there are many aspects to teaching dance that I'm still not proficient with.

Remember: I don't always move with my center (although if you're a beginner, you wouldn't know that). The point is, if I'm not doing it right, I'm not going to teach you how to do it right, either.

There are a lot of pointers I do share with beginners in class. Last night I worked with several girls in quick succession on how to maintain a frame. We also worked on Cross Body Lead basics. The most common mistake (besides not maintaining a frame) that women make when learning a Cross Body Lead is that they turn too soon. They keep trying to face me as they pass by me. I finally had one girl drop her left arm from my right shoulder so I could literally force her to walk past me before turning. She began to understand after that.

Well, I have to run. Plenty of dancing to do this weekend. My legs will be mush by Sunday....


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