Monday, April 24, 2006

Updating the updates, or, keeping up-to-date on dating and updates

I said there would be no more "Michael Meets Girls" posts for a while, so that's not what this is. (As an aside, I love doing that and have ever since I saw an old sitcom, maybe I Love Lucy, where this wacky oldtimer says to one of the show's stars -- who has stopped to ask for directions -- "You see that old tree down there? Well if you go that way and turn right and drive for about a mile, you'll come to a dead end -- so you don't want to go that way.")

The right way to go -- I mean, Miss Cute Reluctant joined me for dancing Saturday night. I don't know that anything will come of it, but I at least got her name and phone number (before Saturday evening). And May may or may not come back in May. She did ask if I would be there again, so that's something, but she was in a weird mood tonight. There were some laughs and giggles, but I all but had to break out into Hip Hop dancing to elicit them (and if you have ever seen me Hip Hop dance, you'd understand why there should be plenty of laughing and giggling).

In other news tonight, Julie Tam has updated her blog but the layout is now different and I don't feel like clicking on all those links. And the automatic song may put some people off. Sorry, Julie. I just calls 'em as I sees 'em.

However, while scrolling down through Julie's main page, I noticed she has a really cute friend whose profile says she is single and still lives in Houston.

Girl, make up a boyfriend for your profile before you find yourself inundated with phone numbers. Better yet, contact me and I'll set you up with a dance class where you can meet crazy, funny, non-creepy guys.

So, today at work I heard the IT guy setting up computers just on the other side of my cubicle. I detected the sound of 1 or 2 female voices. Curiosity got the better of me and I stepped around the corner and introduced myself. Whoa! These three cute girls have come in to audit us. I told my boss this evening, right before I left, "I don't know what we did wrong, but I hope we keep doing it." He laughed and said, "I wondered why you were staying so late."

Of course, after making a great first impression by saying "Good morning, ladies, I'm Michael and though you won't be needing my help with your audit, I wanted to introduce myself", I later on managed to run -- I say again, I ran like a fool to get -- to my boss' office before someone else got there and Julie, the cutest one in the bunch (in my opinion) just happened to be walking down the hallway as I came barreling out of a doorway.

It's a good thing you're not supposed to hit on auditors, because I'd have lost all opportunity at that moment. If you could have seen her expression, you'd know what I mean by "Oops." Make that a BIG OOPS. Nor was my boss in his office at that moment. He had gone off to another meeting. You have to understand that the guy is really busy and even when you book an appointment in advance just to recap your week with him, he may or may not make the appointment.

I washed my car this weekend. Is that worthy of mention in a blog? I did it Sunday evening, after the weekend was over. Went to an automated car wash and paid for the $7.00 Everything Goes special (or whatever they call it). As I drove up, something blasted the undercarriage of my car like a skirt blowing machine in a fun park. I thought, "Should I have driven over that thing more slowly?" Of course, the blower at the end of the session doesn't dry your car off. It just sort of moves the water around. I've never quite figured out if you're supposed to drive slowly through it one time, or just sit with the air blowing at the center of your car, hoping the water is all pushed away. I tend to just rock the car back and forth. A guy in a pickup truck almost hit me one time as I did that.

And I am sure other things happened. I just don't care to tell you about who I met, where I had lunch, what came in the mail, or all that good stuff you find on so many other blogs. I can't say anything exceptionally exciting happened. I certainly wasn't treated badly by passers-by like Julie Tam reports she was (skip over the "Desperate Housewives" entry if you're a man).

I have been reluctant to update Xenite.Org with new content because Google doesn't seem to like the pages in one particular directory. They have no hidden text, no redirecting links, nothing sneaky. Google just doesn't want to index them. What's up with that, Google? In the meantime, I've got people waiting for me to write articles and stuff and post them on Xenite and I have no idea if I need to come up with a new page template.

I have often said that Google needs me more than I need Google, and that's true because Xenite gets a lot of traffic. But it just irks me that they'll disregard good, clean content. And don't even think about saying, "You need more links" because they gobble up new content in other directories. It's just this one directory.

I suspect the problem is due to the fact that the directory itself is fairly new and Google has changed the way it crawls the Web. There may, in fact, not be enough links to that directory. In which case, I may have to ugh engage in a link-building campaign. I hate link-building. It is so street-level SEO.

I'm a high-priced call-boy when it comes to SEO. I don't sell my services to just anyone. I'm still trying to figure out if I can afford to pay myself enough to do my own link building campaign. It might be cheaper to hire one of the so-called linking experts.

Google, that is just too weird. So, what's up with you guys, anyway?


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